Money Mantras - Vol 1 and Vol. 2

For a Successful, Happy and Prosperous Life !

Money Mantra Vol 1 and Vol 2 !

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Powerful Ancient Mantras Dedicated to Solving Biggest Problems of Your Life and Quickly Raising Your Vibrations for Money, Abundance, Good Health, New Opportunities and Finally to Transform Your Life...

These are Awesome Musical Composition to Uproot Your Emotional Pain & Negativity... And Just by Listening This Powerful Music You Will Flood Your life with Joy and Bliss.

These Mantras are a Rare Combination of Ancient Mantras and Music Therapy From the Spiritual Land of India.

Special “Thank ”to Our Rich lineage of Rishis, Gurus and Masters and to India The Most Ancient Civilization...

Light a fire : Powerful And Very Rare Divine Treasure For You and Your Family For The Entire Lifetime...

Biggest a-HA ! Moments Because You'll Have...

  • Curated, Original and Rare Mantras.
  • Mantras for Money, Wealth and Abundance
  • It's a Powerful Fusion of Ragas, Mantras & Uplifting Music
  • New Age Music Therapy used- Emotional Mastery through Music.
  • Awesome Musical Composition to Uproot Emotional Pain & Negativity.
  • Powerful Mantras which will make your life sunnier filled with energy and joy.

And Here's The Real Secret...

Why Mantra Chanting will be the Most Important part of any one life?

You have no idea how mantra chanting will bring Happiness in your life.

  • If you are stuck in life than Mantras will Solve Problem
  • Some of these Mantras have been in Indian Tradition for 5000 plus years
  • These are Original Mantras Chanted as per Vedic Tradition.

(These mantras are the part of Super Successful " Money Workshop" by Suresh Padmanabhan Since the last 18 years.)

Studio Recording done with the most talented professionals...

Some of the talented professionals include Music Director – Nivas Prasanna From the Tamil Film Industry, Bombay Krishnamurthy Music Director, Bharat Sundar Singer, Saindhavi Famous Singer from the Tamil Film Industry, a host of Vedic scholars to ensure authentic presentation.

These Mantra Audio Cds have been a part of Money Workshop by Suresh Padmanabhan. Hence, they have been tried and tested with great success.

Here Why These Mantras are Unique and Has The Power to Transform Your Reality...

Money Mantras - Vol 1

The Most Powerful Vedic Mantras For Attracting Wealth and Prosperity.

1) Ganesha Mantra is all paying tribute to lord Ganesha. He is also called the Vignahartha which means remover of obstacles.

Many a times we come across obstacles in Life and Listening to this Ganesha Stotram will help you find clarity within you and finding the right path to reach your destination.

2) Narasimha Mantra is a very rare mantra that has an amazing vibration which will give relief to people who have debts and are struggling with money at this present point of time.

Listening to this mantra will help us get out of debt in the fastest way. This is also a great Mantra to recover Stuck Money.

3) Mahalakshmi Kavacham is a tribute paid to Goddess Mahalakshmi the creator of wealth and prosperity.

Kavacham means shield and this mantra helps us from the negativities not entering our life and enhancing the prosperity thereby helping us attract wealth and prosperity very easily.

4) Bhagya Suktam is a mantra to create Good Luck and Success in life.

Money Mantras - Vol 2

The Most Powerful Vedic Mantras For Attracting Wealth and Prosperity

1) Porulai Virumbavar Mantra means attracting material into our life has been rarely captured so far. Listening to this Mantra will help us to Attract Money and Material.

2) Kanakdhara Stotram is one of popular stotram has been created by Legendary Adi Shankara.

Each time you listen to kanakadara stotram the vibration will help you in attaining both the Material and Spiritual Wealth.

3) Shree Suktam is one of the Ultimate Ways to Connect to the Energy of Goddess Mahalakshmi. This mantra will help you dissolve energy blocks of Money and you will attract plenty and prosperity.

4) Kubera Mantra is worship of lord kubera who is known of Lord of Yakshas. Listening to Kubera Mantra blesses one with attracting new avenues and sources of income.

5) Navagraha Mantra was created by Vyasa rishi. The beauty of this stotram is that the vibrations of the nine planets which influence us are harmonized.

Listening to the Navagra sotram will help you attract immense peace of mind, material benefits and spiritual powers.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are the sound of the Divine Energy. They are sacred utterance, sound, a syllable, word or group of words in Sanskrit believed by practitioners to have divine powers.

They are in the Energy or Vibrational realm and have powers to create a new physical reality. They create the visible from the invisible.

Basically, they create a good vibration and attract the powers in a physical state

They were practiced in Ancient India

Some of these Mantras can be 1000’s of Years Old...

How to Listen to the Mantras

** Even listening to the Mantras are very powerful and get the desired results

** Listen in a good audio system

** Use high end headsets while listening through the mobile or laptops

** Let the Mantra play loud at home or in the car. Just pay attention to the vibration. You need not understand the meanings.

The Mantras here have been clearly explained in English. The purpose has been outlined so you have a great grasp on what the mantra is for. Then the mantras begin in their originality.

You can also listen to the Mantras from the perspective of what you desire for example you have Debts, then listen to Narsimha Mantra more often. This will create a space in the mind for you to help to come out of Debt.

You can listen once in the morning and once in the evening. If you have scarcity of time listen once.

21 days to 48 days in the cycle of change. Hence give it a fair chance to listen daily for 48 days.

Here's You can change your Vibrations almost immediately just by listening the mantras.

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Good luck and Best Wishes to You...

Your Instructor

Suresh Padmanabhan
Suresh Padmanabhan

Suresh Padmanabhan is a professional speaker, author, coach and mentor.

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